Single Barrier - Short Range Control with Personnel Tags


Basic Entry or Exit control - Short Range Reading ("Proximity").

Single Barrier control with personnel tags

Equipment Options


EC1 - Standard 26 bit Wiegand output only.

EC2 - Configurable output. 


TC1, TC4, TC6.
(Transportable between vehicles)

Equipment Features

ECx Reader

  • Small, weatherproof.
  • Self contained, surface mount.
  • Non-contact reading up to 15cm.
  • 5-28V @ 15mA operation.
  • Serial or Wiegand or Clock & Data output available on EC2 only.


TC1 - Personnel Tag.
TC4 - Keyfob Tag.
TC6 - Personnel Tag with photo ID.

Note: Tag must be presented to the Reader.


Single barrier control with personnel tags

Note: Faded items are not supplied by Identec.