Two Man Occupancy Rule

Cyphertag® provides a unique solution for monitoring office areas where it is essential to have two staff present at all times. A single access point can be monitored with a direction sensing Cyphertag® reader and a discreet body counting device, supplied by others, to determine the rule is applied. The Cyphertag® reader requires two valid Cyphertags to be detected before access is granted. Subsequent tag holders can enter and leave with the reader incrementing and decrementing until the final pair of tag holders are alone. They must be seen exiting the area to avoid an alarm being generated. The body counter can take the form of beams, an infrared detector or image processor, the input of which can be fed directly into the Cyphertag® reader, enabling an alarm to be generated for any violation of the one tag per person rule. The same system can be used for temporary site access systems for building sites to check staff and contractors on site and off site for safety and attendance payment purposes.

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