• Hands Free operation (2.0 metre)
  • Pre-tuned
  • Easy to install
  • Configurable for all sizes and shapes.


The CR1 reader range is frequently used with external aerial(s). The GS-01 and GS-02 units are constructed from galvanized steel to be a robust and economical aerial to use with a CR1 reader.

The GS-02 is configurable in size and shape using cut lengths of steel and standard 'elbow' and 'T' connectors. When used with a CR1 reader (configured for external aerial) reading ranges of up to 2 metres can be achieved on both sides of the GS-01 aerial. The reading range of the GS-02 is dependent on the physical size of the aerial.


Specification GS-01 Details GS-02 Details
Dimensions 600 x 1630 x 27mm Customer Specified
Weight 8kg  
Temperature range -20 to +60°C(non condensing) -20 to +60°C (non condensing)
Material Galvanised Steel, Tube size 5 Galvanised Steel, Tube sizes 5 or 6
Cable/Termination's Supplied with 5 metre beldon two core screened cable


The product is suitable for numerous applications, they include but are not limited to:

  • Hands Free Access Control
  • Vehicle ID, Driver ID or Both
  • Personnel Identification
  • Personnel & product Tracking.

Ordering Information

Ordered as :

  • GS-01 (GS-01A - USA system)
  • GS-02 (GS-02A - USA system) - customer specified

Technical Details

Download the datasheet for GS-01.