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Reduce risk of cross contamination and improve safety in any hygiene environment

Health and hygiene are always a concern but by applying our RFID technology you can offer improved solutions, reduce the risk of cross-contamination and improve safety in any health or hygiene setting, with real-time location information helping to centralise and streamline the management of things in sterile environments and clean rooms, saving time, increasing accuracy and most importantly safety.

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Our RFID technology can be used to improve safety in any health and hygiene setting.

How does RFID work in health & hygiene applications?

Our completely hands-free, touch-free multiple identification systems can include tagging of people but also the equipment used in hygienic premises. Preventing tools and equipment from being transferred, carried, or used in the wrong areas, and keeping vulnerable people safe.

Where will I see RFID in health and hygiene applications?

RFID is being used in a wide range of locations including hospitals, care homes, laboratories, and pharmaceutical facilities.

Who uses RFID in health and hygiene applications?

Health & Hygiene applications are used by small, medium, and large organisations, globally, with complete scalability.

Why should I use RFID in health and hygiene applications?

RFID technology offers improved solutions, for hygiene and infection control in clean or sterile environments – kitchens, laboratories, and pharmaceuticals, to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and improve safety.

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