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Key Compromise Prevention

Preventing key loss in high security facilities.

The business challenge

In a secure facility, keeping each inmate safe and secure requires the population to be locked in. Imagine the impact on your business if a key is compromised. Used extensively in prisons, areas of high security, and care homes to keep people safe, our robust uniquely coded key tags ensure the alarm is raised before a costly compromise can occur.

“Cyphertag® “hands-free” identification tags and readers prevent costly key compromises.”

Our RFID solution

Our technology is used extensively in UK prisons – currently approximately 60% of UK prisons - as well as secure mental hospitals to avoid key compromises from occurring. In these high security premises it avoids safety compromises with key tagging and tracking.

Our key compromise protection system provides reassurance for the prevention of key removal from secure establishments. It is essential to the prison service as misplacement or loss of keys can cause security compromises as well as the large cost of replacement keys and locks.

Our active tags provide safety tracking and key security with non-contact reading at up to 3 metres to avoid key compromises. With an active tag, it takes auto-ID technology to the next level, with an embedded power source that increases its operating rage, powered on by a trigger. This durability makes them ideal for tracking items such as keys.

How does it work?

Developed to aid the prevention of key compromise, our key tagging systems monitor your keys 24 hours a day providing an extra level of security, control and protection.

Robust uniquely coded key-fob tags are securely attached to the keysets. All exit portals from the establishments are covered with a form of loop aerial reader. The readers detect the presence of a site tag and raise an alarm locally.

The readers are, in some installations, connected to a site management system to record the identity of the individual tag and the time and date when the potential compromise occurred. Hand-held readers are often supplied to enable random checks to be undertaken through the establishment.

Our key tagging solution operates to sound an alarm when a key passes through – as it’s the last line of defence its essential that it is accurate, robust, highly reliable and self-monitoring to guarantee reliability.

The Impact

Used in 60% of UK prisons our key compromise protection system prevents the misplacement or loss of keys which can cause security compromises as well as extensive costs of replacement keys and locks.

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