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Disadvantaged Personnel Access Control

Improving access and inclusivity for all.

The business challenge

A disability-inclusive workplace is an accessible workplace. Making your premises accessible to all whether employees, suppliers clients, residents, or visitors is key to being an inclusive organisation. Existing access and controls can be challenging for a person with a disability who for example who uses a wheelchair.
Under equality law, you have a duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled workers.

The aim of the duty is to make sure that, as far as is reasonable, a disabled worker has the same access to everything that is involved in doing and keeping a job as a non-disabled person.

“Cyphertag® “hands-free” identification tags and readers enable easy swift access for all.”

Our RFID solution

We have designed and developed access solutions that use RFID technologies to help people who use wheelchairs, increasing access and inclusivity, empowering their independence, freeing them from reliance on the assistance of others. There is no longer the need to present a token directly to the reader once a hands-free interface has been fitted, both enabling and verifying a person’s right to enter a particular building or access a service.

Opening a door is a function we often take for granted. But for some it can become quite a challenge. Our cutting-edge technology has been used to enhance campus and accommodation access for physically disadvantaged students at a major UK university.

How does it work?

Our RFID products enhance access by using a self-contained east to install reader. Linked to automatic door opening devices sited throughout the university’s campus and linked into the site access management system, wheelchair bound and other physically challenged students and staff can freely access their accommodation and other site services.

  • Hands free, contact free and touch free.
  • Noise immunity.
  • Unique communication protocol enhances system security.
  • Line of sight not required.

The Impact

Improving accessibility benefits everyone. It widens your talent pool, increases potential customers, and reduces the likelihood of complaints, whilst enabling your operations to be delivered with greater speed, accuracy, efficiency, and security.

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