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Identec RFID solutions

Our range of RFID products including tags, aerial, readers, and accessories. These highly versatile auto ID products work together to bring added speed, accuracy, efficiency, and security to your operations.

This non-contact technology automatically identifies, and tracks tags attached to objects, using electromagnetic fields.

Applications include food hygiene, security access control, safety registration, asset tracking, and time & attendance registration.

Watch this short animation video for a complete overview of the applications Identec has successfully achieved.

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Long range identification

Our robust reading technology not only allows fast and accurate and touch-free scanning of tags but also senses the direction of travel of each unique tag, allowing controlled access to secure areas.

Our door installations, which can be retrofitted, use ground aerials along with directional reporting, to create a cylindrical, touch-free identification field on either side of the entrance. And with our unique noise resilience system, optimum performance is always guaranteed.

With an Identec RFID solution, you’ll have an accurate log of a wide range of tagged assets including people and items such as laptops entering and leaving an area, keeping your people and assets safe, and your business secure.

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Unique Mullion Readers

Complementing our long-range, hands-free technology we also have short-range mullion readers, with a unique difference.

Usually, mullion readers can't be installed back-to-back as the RF fields clash limiting the range, however, our mullion readers have a unique feature enabling back-to-back operation.

Identec’s technology is compact, cost-effective, and robust and operates within a 150mm proximity range communicating wirelessly, with authorisation data encoded on the tags.

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Patented RFID Technology

When you need reliable, secure, high-speed identification to look after what is important to your business, our touch free, global, RFID technology with over 30 years of research and development, is your solution.

Sold into over 75 countries our global RFID solutions use encrypted radio frequency waves to identify tags within a detection zone, even when out of sight. And there is no impact on performance from the body or non-conductive materials and have up to 3m range.

Identec’s patented RFID products provide OEM and integrators innovative solutions for tracking and managing tagged staff and assets

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Trusted Supplier of RFID products since 1982

Identec Limited consistently supply radio frequency identification access control and electronic identification products that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. We also offer a one year no quibble guarantee, and pride ourselves in our excellent after-sales customer service.

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British Touring Cars Championship sponsorship

We are once again proudly sponsoring Ronan Pearson, a dynamic and promising motor racing driver in the Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) for the upcoming 2024 season.

British Touring Cars Championship sponsorship