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Laptop Protection

Keeping track of your valued assets.

The business challenge

Organisations need to track and manage their physical assets, sometimes across multiple locations, but this can be a challenge. Knowing exactly where your assets are can save time when trying to locate them for use, testing or maintenance, and avoid unnecessary costs and delay. Our cutting-edge RFID technology offers complete efficiency in the most cost-effective manner. Our RFID systems substantially improve both the accuracy and the effectiveness of asset tracking, and by preventing loss, reduces the substantial costs of replacing a lost or misplaced asset - whether that be laptops, stock, tools, IT devices, or vehicles, or disruption to operations.

“Cyphertag® “hands-free” identification tags and readers keep your vital equipment safe and secure.”

Our RFID solution

Our RFID asset tracking system uses a variety of tags and readers to collect data from fixed or moveable assets. An RFID tag transmits data to a reader using electromagnetic fields.

For operations with small but expensive movable items, such as healthcare and office supplies, fax machines, and laptops, RFID asset tracking systems are a vital addition that adds value to a business.

Our stand-alone loss prevention readers are installed at a London educational college to monitor the movements of high-value items. Laptops and audio-visual equipment have been fitted with our robust, unique identity tags. The readers detect the unique article tags and activate an alarm as well as triggering CCTV cameras to focus on the access point if an appropriate “authorising tag” is not simultaneously detected. The system is simple to administer and reliable with no false alarms as tags are site-specific and all communications are encrypted.

How does it work?

RFID asset tracking is a way of automating the management of physical assets. Whether the asset is office equipment in a multi-story building, equipment in a hospital, or tools in a factory, RFID can provide accurate, real-time tracking data.

It works by loading an RFID tag with data and attaching it to a relevant asset which is attached to each item to be tracked. As soon as an RFID tag is scanned, its location and other data from the tag are logged in the system and monitored. Benefits:

  • Tracking multiple assets at any one time without requiring line of sight
  • Eliminating human intervention and collecting data in real-time
  • Improving asset visibility and security improved by generating real-time alerts
  • Locating lost or misplaced assets and maximising accuracy of inventory

The Impact

As costs go down and technology advances, RFID is one of the most cost-effective solutions for tagging assets. In addition to saving time and money, asset tracking can prevent equipment theft, increase security, reduce the frequency of lost or misplaced items, and centralise data.

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