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Automatic Roll Call Mustering

Keeping your people safe in emergency situations.

The business challenge

Keeping people safe and facilities protected is a top priority for every organisation. Knowing where your people are always can be the difference between life and death in some situations. In an emergency, it is vital to know who or what has or has not left an area. The ability to track multiple people, at speed in a mass evacuation can prevent injuries and loss.

“Cyphertag® “hands free” identification tags and readers provide life-saving services in emergency evacuation and roll call.”

Our RFID solution

Mass evacuation is one of the key applications for our RFID technology which can read multiple tags simultaneously, and at speed. The use of RFID is now being incorporated into emergency management plans across all industries.

Evacuation routes and safe zones for mustering are just the beginning. Using RFID to track employees in an emergency provides visibility so that first-responders can react efficiently and effectively with real-time data providing the insight as to who is missing and where they are for faster response time. Pinpoint data accuracy means that employees, contractors and visitors are accounted for and safely evacuated during emergency situations.

How does it work?

Major industrial users are now using our tags and readers to automatically log staff, contractors, and visitors, in and out, of high-risk areas to eliminate manual procedures.

  • Power stations, shipyards, whiskey distillers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and steel works are just a few of the industries using the technology to accurately record those “at risk” should an “on site” emergency develop.
  • The cutting-edge technology readers provide “hands free” direction sensing for individual tag holders moving on mass through portals up to 24 metres wide.
  • The readers are designed to interface with existing management hardware ensuring minimum disruption and expense in enhancing any site.
  • The real-time data then identifies non-mustered personnel, provides the roll call of assembled and missing staff, using secure, reliable active tags that cannot be switched off, and provides valuable location data about missing personnel.

The Impact

Our RFID systems verify who is safely accounted for at evacuation sites and mustering points, first responders are notified of who is missing, with accurate headcounts, which critically updates information in real-time, minimising risk of injury and increasing safety.

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