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People Tracking Direction Sensing

In an emergency, it is vital to know who or what has or has not left an area.

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Our customer is a leading global manufacturer in defence and naval shipbuilding.

Customer Challenge

Total people accountability in emergency situations and challenging environments is paramount to this customer. They need to track the location and movements of all staff and visitors handsfree to keep them safe. This means the ability to track entry and exit (direction sensing) of every person on site; enhance safety protocols and improve the efficiency of fire and safety emergency processes. Requirements included automated muster reports without the need to scan or swipe any card or tag, throughout the entire perimeter of the manufacturing buildings.

Entrances included large bay doors up to 45 metres wide. With hundreds of people walking in and out freely throughout the day.

Our RFID solution

In an emergency, it is vital to know who or what has or has not left an area, and have the ability to track multiple people, at speed to enable a mass evacuation.

Our RFID technology offered a simple solution to protect their people using our high-performance identification system CYPHERTAG. This provides fast long-range multiple reading of up to 20 people every second.

This enables long range reading of up to 3 metres. Allowing hands-free identification at all times, using our RV1 loop controller.

Cyphertag - RV1(X-X)

and in combination with our TV6 Photo ID tags

Cyphertag - TV6

It also includes direction sensing capabilities monitoring entry/exit of every tag and interfaced simply into the existing access control system and software on site through the dual wiegend outputs.

Ground loops were installed in a chain covering the entire width of the bay doors 45 metres wide, the ground loop aerials created a curtain type detection zone with up to 3 metres range from the ground.

Other perimeter pedestrian doors were covered by installing loop aerials located in a mixture of ceiling mount, wall mount and ground, giving flexible installation options.

The Impact

Our RFID systems verify who is safely accounted for in emergencies and evacuations and mustering points, first responders are notified of who is missing, with accurate headcounts, which critically updates information in real-time, minimising risk of injury and increasing safety.

The real-time data then identifies non-mustered personnel, provides the roll call of assembled and missing staff, using secure, reliable active tags that cannot be switched off, and provides valuable location data about missing personnel.

Automated, seamless and simple to use tagging system. Giving the end user total peace of mind of who or what is in every building at all times. Including in emergencies.

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